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Lower Marine Parade, Dovercourt, Essex, CO12 3ST

Tel: 01255 551296   E-Mail: info@simplyskating.co.uk

Dovercourt and Harwich Classic Car Show 18th June 2016, 11am-4pm

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Terms and Conditions of Exhibition

1. All vehicles must be presented in a clean, complete and safe working condition.

2. All entries must be insured against Third Party Risks, fully licensed & tested in accordance with regulations applicable to that type of vehicle for use.

3. All drivers must be fully qualified in law to handle the class of vehicle exhibited.

4. No exhibit shall be left running.

5. The speed limit on site is 5 mph.

6. all exhibitors must adhere to directions given by Marshalls.

7. No naked flames or fires are allowed at all on site - (stoves, cookers, barbeques etc).  

8. Exhibitors are allowed on site from 9.30am and NOT before, this is to allow traders to get in place beforehand.

10.All vehicles are to be in position before 10:30am and are not permitted to leave before 4:30pm.

11.The show organisers accept no responsibility whatsoever for loss, damage or injury whilst on site, however caused.

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